Appreciate People

Appreciate people.


Who do you appreciate and why do you appreciate them? This rhetorical question I pose to whoever may be reading this. There are plenty of people in our lives that we take for granted subconsciously. Some of us truly do appreciate certain individuals that are in our lives or were in our lives and simply did not make it known that they were appreciated. This happens more times than not simply because we are normally too lazy to just say the words or we don’t see it as a big deal and assume that the person knows. I’d like to challenge you to make it known to this individual even if you feel like they may know. This applies to any and every person that you have in mind. From your parents to that friend you have that always supports you in all that you do. You never know if somebody does or does not know that they are appreciated until you make sure they know by eliminating the possibility all together.

 Believe it or not there are some people in this world that have no one, so to take who you have for granted is foolish and you could become one of these people that have no one.  It takes no added stress to your life or energy required to call (some prefer to text) someone and let them know you appreciate them and why you appreciate them. This is healthy and cost you nothing but a moment of time. That moment of time will go remembered by this person and not forgotten probably that persons whole life. In addition to making people aware that you appreciate them let them know on any occurring occasion where there are of any type of service or assistance to you any aspects of your life.  I am almost certain that all of us are kind at heart and have people that we have done things for, in some cases even repeatedly out the kindness of our hearts. With that said I am also certain that some of us have been on the receiving end of someone doing something out of the kindness of their heart and we did not communicate appreciation to this person or group of people. This causes people to become bitter and closed unwilling to be kind. Do you think you have ever caused this type reaction? If so go back and attempt to correct it and moving forward prevent it by showing appreciation.  Let us go forward from here ready and willing to show appreciation where it is due. Thank you for taking a minute to make yourself a better person as we all affect each other directly and indirectly and I appreciate you reading my words


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