These words are ours.

My business partner and I are working on quite a few projects for the coming year. One of the projects is an inspirational/motivational book of quotes we have written. We hope everyone can relate in some way and it can become a positive tool in your life. Here is a little sample…

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Life isn’t hard, caskets are. -GPhred

Waiting for something to happen won’t make it happen -SJ

Don’t tell me what you know, show me what you have applied to your own life. -GPhred

Never let your fears be the boundaries of your dreams -SJ

A man with no ambition is no man at all. -GPhred

Be determined to have a good day….Get your mind to a positive place and do all you can to keep it there.. -SJ

Don’t confuse foolishness for bravery. -GPhred

Family or friends.. Everyone should earn their place in your life -SJ

You can’t down grade yourself in attempt to upgrade in life. -GPhred

Our thoughts can either fuel the fire of our dreams or extinguish them -SJ



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