Perception is defined as follows by Merriam Webster Dictionary:
1 a : a result of perceiving : observation (see perceive )
b : a mental image : concept
2 obsolete : consciousness
3 a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation
b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience

The way we see things plays a significant role in the way we make choices and react to our environment and ultimately the world. It is my belief that the acceptance and understanding of this fact can and will significantly change your life. Opening the mind to more and/or as many vantage points as possible, can and will severely alter the results in choices made. I say this with sincerity from personal experience. I have not always thought the way I do or have had an understanding for things that I now do today. With that said, I’d like to interject that I believe there is no wrong way to perceive anything. Your perception may not be widely accepted or popular (as I can relate) but it is only natural to see things the way you see them. I find appreciation in others points of view and perception for my own personal growth.

In many instances I have learned from someone who has saw something totally different than I have. However, just because I learn from these points of view does not mean that I agree. I simply have been exposed to a new way of seeing something. Understanding the way other people see things in a way you had no possible way of doing so can be very beneficial and educational. At times it’s not possible to perceive things the way others may for the simple fact that you are not them and we all are different. Take for an example when we look at abstract art and see different things in the art.

Perception to me is the difference in seeing an obstacle and an opportunity. Depending on how you train your brain and what you see as negative and positive will have an effect on your perception of all things in life. This will help guide you into a different state of thinking. In a sense, you will feel as if you have on a new set of glasses and begin to perceive the world in a totally different way. I dare you too step into a new you and see a different world that already exists but is waiting for you put your glasses on!



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