Be you not them.

Today’s world is one of the best times to be a creative person but nobody knows it. Everybody has almost merely the same ambitions and goals if any are to be had at all. This perplexes me. Why in this Information Age? When we have access to so many different things literally at our fingertips.Why are people thinking the same? Who is the blame. Not anyone but yourself, you owe it to yourself to be exactly what your wired to be and use the thoughts and imagination given only to you. The world needs it and will appreciate it. I have a saying that states “everybody wants to be somebody but nobody wants to be themselves” That’s a powerful statement if you follow what it means. Who are you? What are you holding on to that you need to release to the world? What are missing out on? Of course those are rhetorical questions but I dare you to show us. The thing I’ve found most people have a common fear of will blow your mind. That is the fear of being who they are that the core. It petrifies them. Why? Don’t let this be you start being you today and let the world figure out how to deal with you as oppose to vice versa. This is my challenge to you only you know what will happen next.


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