Ignorance Continues

Ignorance Continues.

As I observe my people I see a such a change in the way we operate in comparison to certain time periods leading up to today. It is truly mind Boggling the amount of success that some have been able to achieve as well as the majority not having so much success. The things we find important, the things we participate in, the things we don’t participate in and essentially what matters. Not all of us are the same as true for not all human beings are the same, but there is some correlation between certain ways of living, behaving, thinking etc between certain groups of people. Not saying age,race, or Religion or sex determine how one may carry on but the choice of stimuli can and does. This brings me to first question why do we do more to keep us at the state we are in as oppose to participation in self improvement, education, enlightenment, and ultimately freedom spiritually,mentally and financially? There are those of us that do focus on these things, but the majority of us whom complain are doing nothing to rectify what we feel is not a desired way of life and quality of life. Which i feel everyone human alive has quality of life on the top of their list second only to health. So I ask why are we not more like our brother and sisters of time periods of say the civil rights movement but addicted to folly, foolishness, and blatant ignorance. Id love to hear your response and comments about this matter so please engage me. twitter.com/gphredhamilton


3 thoughts on “Ignorance Continues

  1. I agree that this mindset is cross-racial. It appears that the “average” person is so caught up with surviving, that they have no time to devote to the “real” and “important” issues of life (ie, civil rights). When society has systematically opposed the majority, they are “willfully forced” to be selfish and think of themselves (going to work, getting paid, eating, going to school, etc). The average citizen has enough prosperity to not complain too much, yet are enslaved to the point where there is no way out; save extreme and radical change. When the stripping of our core freedoms are manifested, then people will be forced with a choice; fight for change, or submit to slavery. I also would like to point out that this mindset tends to be dominant in America. In other, non-developed countries, they are faced with extreme conditions; to survive is primary. They are driven to desperation, so they have nothing to lose. This is what you see by the Arab Spring in North African nations.

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