Q&A With Kyle of KTG films

  Who do you look up to and why?   I‘m not always perfect but I truly try my best to look up to everyone, seeing each person around me as a teacher in life’s daily class. And that no matter what, there’s a reason why we’ve crossed paths and something for me to learn.

What keeps you focused? Overall I’d say feeling a sense of urgency with my life. A constant inner reminder that my time here in limited and I can’t afford to wait on anything or anyone. Even when I feel empty, inadequate, tired, discouraged, disappointed, not good enough, don’t know how, etc.
What’s the most discouraging event you have encountered and how did you overcome it?
In the span of 1 month…finding myself behind over 2 months on all my credit card payments as well as being maxed out, filing forbearance on my student loan, going to the gas station to put $0.50 or $1 into my car to keep it running for a few more miles, sleeping on friends couches, being over $45k dollars in debt, months of literally living of the dollar menu and remembering the last straw when my girlfriend texted me but I couldn’t text her back cause my cell service got shut off. By taking a stand and some seriously massive action. Creating a plan, finding a few people who believed in me and working my ass off.
What are 3 things you wish you knew when your were  17.
Nothing really. It’s all happened in the perfect timing it was meant to.
What is the best advice you’ve ever been given and who gave it to you. 
To consider taking full responsibility for each and every outcome in my life. I’m sure many people suggested it to me before but I didn’t really “hear” it until I was 19 at an event with inspirational speakers on stage.
What keeps you positive?
I’m not always positive. But I do feel overtime, when it’s something you put effort into, it’s an integration process where it starts to become who you are rather than having to try and be positive. I believe the lens we see the world through is always changing.
What is one thing you feel the youth today need to know?
That it’s more important than ever to uniquely express yourself, discover/create who you are and to develop your “gift”.
If you could leave the world one gift behind what would it be? 
Being remembered as someone who lived a life of leading by example.
What’s something your passionate about that people don’t know about. 
I’m a semi-pro trials rider and have spent years and years developing that skill and competing on my bike. It’s what got me started in video to begin with.
What is the best and worst decisions you believe you have ever made. 
I think each decision, business and professionally, I’ve made (and continue to make) regardless of whether it brings the outcome I think I need, happens for a reason… so I’ve learned to trust in that. One specifically, was the day I walked off my community college campus, never told or talked to anyone, drove home and never came back. In that moment, I decided I was gonna go a different route in life. A road less traveled. I was scared beyond belief but that was the first day I can remember I learned to trust in the process of my life unfolding without knowing “how” it was all gonna come together.
Kyle can be reached on twitter @ktgfilms and his website is ktgfilms.com
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Appreciate People

Appreciate people.


Who do you appreciate and why do you appreciate them? This rhetorical question I pose to whoever may be reading this. There are plenty of people in our lives that we take for granted subconsciously. Some of us truly do appreciate certain individuals that are in our lives or were in our lives and simply did not make it known that they were appreciated. This happens more times than not simply because we are normally too lazy to just say the words or we don’t see it as a big deal and assume that the person knows. I’d like to challenge you to make it known to this individual even if you feel like they may know. This applies to any and every person that you have in mind. From your parents to that friend you have that always supports you in all that you do. You never know if somebody does or does not know that they are appreciated until you make sure they know by eliminating the possibility all together.

 Believe it or not there are some people in this world that have no one, so to take who you have for granted is foolish and you could become one of these people that have no one.  It takes no added stress to your life or energy required to call (some prefer to text) someone and let them know you appreciate them and why you appreciate them. This is healthy and cost you nothing but a moment of time. That moment of time will go remembered by this person and not forgotten probably that persons whole life. In addition to making people aware that you appreciate them let them know on any occurring occasion where there are of any type of service or assistance to you any aspects of your life.  I am almost certain that all of us are kind at heart and have people that we have done things for, in some cases even repeatedly out the kindness of our hearts. With that said I am also certain that some of us have been on the receiving end of someone doing something out of the kindness of their heart and we did not communicate appreciation to this person or group of people. This causes people to become bitter and closed unwilling to be kind. Do you think you have ever caused this type reaction? If so go back and attempt to correct it and moving forward prevent it by showing appreciation.  Let us go forward from here ready and willing to show appreciation where it is due. Thank you for taking a minute to make yourself a better person as we all affect each other directly and indirectly and I appreciate you reading my words

Faking it is too hard, its easy to be you.

Faking it is too hard, being you is easy.

A lot of people sacrifice their human right to be them self in attempt to appease others. This is foolish behavior for numerous reasons. This is widely done on a level of wanting to be accepted by family, friends and other various groups of people that we seek to please. We should stop and ask our selves, would these people alter who they are at their core to make you more comfortable or to fit in with you? Nine times out of ten, the answer to this question is NO.

The reason we tend to fall victim to the behavior subconsciously is sometimes due to wanting the acceptance of those we may look up to or just simply would like to be viewed as equal by. This in itself is unhealthy as we are all equal and require no approval from any person or group to be who we are at our core. When you look in the mirror everyday you should see yourself, not an altered version of yourself that’s wanting to be what you think others want you to be.

If, for no other reason but this one, I’d like to point out the simple fact that it’s extremely difficult to do or be something that you do not have a natural inclination to do or be. With that said, I’m telling you to get lazy and be yourself. Being what others want to you to be is just too much work that will not amount to anything worth while.

Current thoughts that ryhme

I write because I feel like its the best expression of self. As I sit here and ponder my peoples perception of wealth, comparing to my own which is preservation of health. People know all the answers, but I got questions myself. Clueless on this journey, any suggestions will help. Conversing with an angel who’s mental stimulation is better than sex. Your mind is an assest that you better protect. Otherwise you will fall victim to another man’s will, which you will forever regret. If you keep borrowing styles youll be forever in debt. So do you and be better than best, they’re gonna hate you regardless never the less. If I couldn’t live true to myself would I settle for death? Yes

These words are ours.

My business partner and I are working on quite a few projects for the coming year. One of the projects is an inspirational/motivational book of quotes we have written. We hope everyone can relate in some way and it can become a positive tool in your life. Here is a little sample…

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Life isn’t hard, caskets are. -GPhred

Waiting for something to happen won’t make it happen -SJ

Don’t tell me what you know, show me what you have applied to your own life. -GPhred

Never let your fears be the boundaries of your dreams -SJ

A man with no ambition is no man at all. -GPhred

Be determined to have a good day….Get your mind to a positive place and do all you can to keep it there.. -SJ

Don’t confuse foolishness for bravery. -GPhred

Family or friends.. Everyone should earn their place in your life -SJ

You can’t down grade yourself in attempt to upgrade in life. -GPhred

Our thoughts can either fuel the fire of our dreams or extinguish them -SJ



Perception is defined as follows by Merriam Webster Dictionary:
1 a : a result of perceiving : observation (see perceive )
b : a mental image : concept
2 obsolete : consciousness
3 a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation
b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience

The way we see things plays a significant role in the way we make choices and react to our environment and ultimately the world. It is my belief that the acceptance and understanding of this fact can and will significantly change your life. Opening the mind to more and/or as many vantage points as possible, can and will severely alter the results in choices made. I say this with sincerity from personal experience. I have not always thought the way I do or have had an understanding for things that I now do today. With that said, I’d like to interject that I believe there is no wrong way to perceive anything. Your perception may not be widely accepted or popular (as I can relate) but it is only natural to see things the way you see them. I find appreciation in others points of view and perception for my own personal growth.

In many instances I have learned from someone who has saw something totally different than I have. However, just because I learn from these points of view does not mean that I agree. I simply have been exposed to a new way of seeing something. Understanding the way other people see things in a way you had no possible way of doing so can be very beneficial and educational. At times it’s not possible to perceive things the way others may for the simple fact that you are not them and we all are different. Take for an example when we look at abstract art and see different things in the art.

Perception to me is the difference in seeing an obstacle and an opportunity. Depending on how you train your brain and what you see as negative and positive will have an effect on your perception of all things in life. This will help guide you into a different state of thinking. In a sense, you will feel as if you have on a new set of glasses and begin to perceive the world in a totally different way. I dare you too step into a new you and see a different world that already exists but is waiting for you put your glasses on!